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Jared's Travel Blog
Bern, Switzerland

As part of my journey from Sarajevo to Zagreb, I shared a train compartment with a 26 year old Frenchman named Thomas and an old Croatian woman named Elizabeth. There was booze involved. Pictures of grandkids. Oil on foreheads. And alot of feigned comprehension on Thomas’ part :)

You read that right.

I jumped off of the Stari Most (Bosnian for ‘Old Bridge’) in Mostar, Bosnia-Hercegovina today. I was the 117th foreigner to jump since the bridge was reconstructed in 2004.

If you haven’t seen or heard, I got a long overdue haircut in Barcelona. I was a bit nervous and sad beforehand, but I have been loving the short-haired life!

Some videos I took in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Possibly the most enchanting place in the world that isnt owned by Walt Disney.

Here are some videos I made while I was exploring Hvar Island on a scooter. Sooo fun!

Several times during my travels, people had told me that Il Latini in Florence was a can’t- miss Italian culinary experience. My aunt Sue (who used to run a restaurant), even said the dinner she had there was the best meal she had ever eaten.

After two hours of eating and drinking, I left fat, happy and felt that the 43 euro meal was the best purchase of my trip.

I now have a good idea of how kings and Roman emperors used to feast. Whew.

I arrived at the Madrid train station about 30 minutes before the next train to Sevilla was set to depart. At that time, all “tourist” class seats were bought up. I had to choose between waiting an extra hour to save a few bucks or splurging on “classe preferente.”

I went with the latter and arrived in Sevilla with a price-inclusive buzz and fresh memories of egotism and puking.

Aside from having picturesque sea water, a festive vibe and a really cute walled-in Stari Grad (old city), Zadar, Croatia has the coolest public art installation I’ve ever seen. A flippin’ Sea Organ!

Check out the links on the sidebar for Italy and Spain.

More content coming soon. I promise :)

I was supposed to be leaving on a train at 8something, but decided to wave goodbye to the money.

Afterall, how often do you get a chance to randomly travel with 2 cool German girls?

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