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Jared's Travel Blog » Belgrade Rocks!
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Belgrade Rocks!

Conquered by the Ottoman Turks in 1521, Belgrade was ruled with an iron fist for more than three centuries. In 1941, the Nazi Luftwaffe destroyed nearly half of the city’s buildings in a single day. In the 1990’s Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic’s campaign of ethnic cleansing provoked another aerial assualt on Belgrade, this time by NATO forces led by Gen. Wesley Clark.

“Beograde” (as it is known locally) has rebuilt its walls, restructured its image and rehabilitated its spirit. A vibrant night life, lively club scene and festive culture have put Belgrade back on the map as a top Eastern European travel destination. Here is an article the New York Times did a few years ago about their blossoming tourism industry.

Belgrade has overcome it’s dark and sad roots to become the modern party capital of the Western Balkans. The night life scene is in full effect and a large punk music scene has emerged. Years of pain and misfortune have not been able to dampen the city’s spirit and passion for long.

From the Article:

On stage, the Partibrejkers tear through a succession of Stooges-meets-Kiss anthems while the throng pumps its fists and yells “Oh, Yeah!” Having endured more than two decades of the vicissitudes of their homeland – the post-Tito comedown, the wars of the 1990’s, the economic and political uncertainty under the new leaders – the Partibrejkers are perhaps one more inspiring symbol of Belgraders’ endurance. “When you have a strong link to the source of life,” the group’s guitarist, Nebojsa Antonijevic, said before the show, referring to his passion for music, “the outer situation can’t deter you.”