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Jared's Travel Blog » *Flashback* - I Ate Like a King in Florence!
Amsterdam, NE

Several times during my travels, people had told me that Il Latini in Florence was a can’t- miss Italian culinary experience. My aunt Sue (who used to run a restaurant), even said the dinner she had there was the best meal she had ever eaten.

After two hours of eating and drinking, I left fat, happy and felt that the 43 euro meal was the best purchase of my trip.

Il Latini is extremely well-known and extremely busy. They only serve dinner during two nightly seatings. Reservations are a must.

I arrived with my friends Beth and Willy to see a mob lined up outside a good 15 minutes before the doors were set to open. Once the doors opened, folks made their way to the front and as the doorman verified the reservations, people filed in and got ready for a gloriously regal meal.

Every few minutes the waiter would bring out new dishes for the table to share. It was just unreal the way the food kept pouring out. We barely put a dent into the second course, but I’ll be damned if we didn’t try.

Here’s everything I can remember eating during that glorious night:

-Melon and proscuitto
-Pate on garlic bread
-Mozzerlla and tomatoes
-Some type of grain (like rice) I couldn’t identify

-Bean soup
-Chickpea stew with beef (a favorite of the night)

1st Course (Pasta)
-Cheese-stuffed ravioli
-Penne in red sauce
-Gnocchi in pesto (a favorite of the night)

2nd Course (a HUGE metal tray of meat)
-Some type of beef roast
-Beef Brisket

-Biscotti with a small glass of dessert wine
-Cream puff thing
-Some type of lemon bar
-Some type of chocolate pie

-Some wicked bread with olive oil

-A 2 liter bottle of red wine split between the 3 of us
-A glass of champagne
-A lemon drop shot
-The afore-mentioned sweet wine served with the biscotti
-A liter bottle of water

I get full just thinking back to the meal.