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As part of my journey from Sarajevo to Zagreb, I shared a train compartment with a 26 year old Frenchman named Thomas and an old Croatian woman named Elizabeth. There was booze involved. Pictures of grandkids. Oil on foreheads. And alot of feigned comprehension on Thomas’ part :)

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I jumped off a bridge today [1]
You read that right.

I jumped off of the Stari Most (Bosnian for ‘Old Bridge’) in Mostar, Bosnia-Hercegovina today. I was the 117th foreigner to jump since the bridge was reconstructed in 2004.

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*Flashback* - Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
If you haven’t seen or heard, I got a long overdue haircut in Barcelona. I was a bit nervous and sad beforehand, but I have been loving the short-haired life!

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*Videos* Dubrovnik, Croatia - Heaven on Earth [1] Some videos I took in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Possibly the most enchanting place in the world that isnt owned by Walt Disney.

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*Videos* Hvar Island, Croatia - Moto Madness! [1] Here are some videos I made while I was exploring Hvar Island on a scooter. Sooo fun!

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