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The Louvre in Paris

I fell in love with Berlin from minute 1. I loved the look of the Hauptbanhoff Train station. Glass walls, a dinosaur skeleton, an very open design – this place looks like the transportation hub of the future. Pictured to the left is the Reichstag building, the home of German parliament. It’s quite the engineering feat in it’s own right.

The city is also the most important city in 20th century history, hands down. On an excellent (and free) walking tour I saw the remains of the Berlin Wall, stood above the bunker where Adolf Hitler commited suicide and stood where both Hitler and Napolean marched their armies through the Brandenburg Gate (pictured to the left) in displays of military might.

I heard how the Cold War almost turned into a Nuclear Holocaust. An American General wanted to see an Opera in East Berlin, but was denied passage. After protesting, the General returned to the wall with a tank aimed at East Berlin. Russia counted with the same move. Eventually Kennedy and Khruschev had to intervene to get each side to stand down.

I got to see the leftovers of Communism. Murals such as the one the left showing the utopian dream of a Marxist society appear on several buildings throughout the city.

I heard the story of how the wall finally came down in 1989. The East German press secretary at the time mistakenly said during a live press conference that travel between the East and the West would begin immediately instead of at an undetermined date in the future. Crowds went wild and stormed the wall. Eventually, East German border guards had no choice but to open the gates. People on the West side of the wall were waiting with champaign and people partied in the streets for 3 straight days.

The city was the dividing point between worlds. East and West. Communism and Capitalism. Repression and Freedom. Now it’s unified and has become famous worldwide for it’s wicked nightlife.

And oh yeah, Berlin has a great night life :) 2 nights in a row I returned back to my hostel in broad day light. In both cases the clubs were still packed.

The Friday I was there I went with some folks from my hostel to a club called White Trash. The looked kind of like a dungeon complete with stone walls. We saw a Sweedish band called Navel play some Nirvana-influenced rock and then afterwards the venue turned into a progressive techno dance floor.

Saturday I went to a club called Week-end. Located on the 12th floor of a downtown building, the club pvoided an amazing view of the city. At 3 am, the 15th floor opened up with harder dance tunes and more of a focus on dancing. Both places had neat, modern designs loaded with black furniture and bright lighting displays. At about 6:30 I called it quits and came out to hear birds chirping. On the metro back to my hostel I saw a partier drinking a Beck’s beer at 7 am on the Metro.

That’s hardcore. That’s Berlin.