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The Louvre in Paris

My last night in Berlin I debated going on a pub crawl. I went to the start of the crawl and walked around the block a couple of times trying to figure out what I wanted to do. At the last minute I decided I would check it out.

It started out in a pretty tame bar, as most of the crawlers stood under umbrellas out in the rain. After we started moving to the next bar, the crawl got sloppy in a hurry.

At every bar our crew got drink specials (most of them were something like a free shot with every beer). In between bars, the crawl leader was pouring us vodka with orange juice (totally legal to do in the streets of Berlin). We got these little plastic shot glasses that we were apparently supposed to keep, but after my first shot I cracked mine.

At the doorstep of the 2nd bar everyone had their hands out for a 2nd shot and I told the crawl leader of my dilemma. His solution was to pour it directly into my mouth.

The 2nd bar was my favorite of the night. It had a metallic dragon that would spit fire at the command of the bartender. She was managing the music and played Nirvana almost exclusively. She made the dragon shoot flames in tune with the beat to “Scentless Apprentice.”

After a few more bars we leave and and hop on a tram line where the Vodka continues to flow. We reach our destination – some dance club. At the end of the night, most crawlers have cleared out and I find myself dancing with a Canadian guy named Lucas and 2 German girls named Sonja and Stephanie.

We hit it off well and our group of 4 leaves and walks in the direction of Stephanie’s apartment and Lucas’ hostel. During the walk Lucas tells them they should come to Praha with us. After much discussion in German, the ladies decide they will join us for 2 days and we agree to meet at 9 AM outside of Lucas’ hostel. I was supposed to be leaving on a train at 8something, but decided to wave goodbye to the money. Afterall, how often do you get a chance to randomly travel with 2 cool German girls?

By this time, it’s about 3 AM and Berlin’s public transit system has shut down. My hostel and my gear are on the other side of town. In 6 hours I need to be back here packed and ready to go. Lucas suggests that I sneak into his hostel to crash and I agree. Sounds like the best option.

Lucas’ hostel (like many I’ve been to) has pretty much no security, so getting in is no problem. The room he’s staying in is the biggest hostel room I’ve ever seen (aside from the Tent in Munich). Something like 35 beds, but most of the top bunks are unoccupied. I lay down in the bed above his and decide that I will set my alarm for 4 AM and hop on the first metro back to my hostel.

I don’t sleep at all and when my alarm goes off I walk to the metro stop. I am the only person at the station and debate doing something drunkenly stupid, but decide not to because I don’t have the energy. Any other time, a situation like this would be begging for some freestyle walking or a cartwheel.

I get back to my hostel and pack my bag (outside of the room out of respect for my roommates). I get a couple of hours of sleep and then head back to Lucas’ hostel wondering if any of the three will make it to the planned meetup.

Lucas is about 5 minutes late and I’m relieved that I didn’t waste my train ticket for absolutely nothing. “What do you think the odds of us getting stood up are?” I ask. “Pretty fuckin’ good.”

The ladies do show up, but they are a good 15 minutes late. We head off to Hauptbanhoff station and take care of our tickes.

The four of us spend a fun two days in Praha and then go our separate ways. I stay put in Praha, Lucas heads to a chalet resort in Switzerland and Sonja and Stephanie return back to their jobs in Berlin.

International travel on a whim. Europe – Catch the Fever!

For the past couple of days, Sandor and I have shared some conversations with this interesting Dutch fellow named Yorick who has quite a thirst for alcohol.

He loves to talk. Especially when girls are around. It doesn’t really matter if anyone really wants to hear him talk. Oblivious to the absence of eye contact or positive listening cues, the Drunken Dutchman soldiers on.

He loves to talk about his daily swimming habits and how it leads to his flat stomach.

He loves to drink. Booze is not allowed in the hostel, but that hasn’t stopped him from pounding Heineken tall-boys in the common room and talking up any stranger within earshot. The Drunken Dutchman can’t be stopped, he can only be contained.

Of all the things he talked about, the most interesting subject was his artwork [WARNING: link contains tasteful nudity]. This part was actually kind of interesting because he paints naked women for a living.

He may be drunk and Dutch, but, by God, he’s living the American dream.