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Bern, Switzerland

I just flew into Ireland the other day and boy is my foot killing me.

On my initial walk to the hostel my right ankle was hurting, but now the problem seems to have shifted to the outside part of my right foot. I have had issues with my left foot before, but never the right.

I have since purchased some thick gel insoles which are very comfortable, but my foot remains sore. There’s a Catch-22 here – I can’t accurately guage how well the new insoles will work until my foot heals. Since I have realized that rest is the only recourse, I have been making an effort to rest it, but it’s not like I can call in sick to work.

A blessing in disguise has been that I appear to have come down with strept throat. This has lead to alot of sleeping and not much night drinking.

Fortunately I feel like I’ve already gotten a good feel for Dublin, as it is a small city, so I don’t feel like I’m missing much in the city. Unfortunately, I am missing out on Ireland’s picturesque countryside.

Sandor and I made the 1 hour bus trip out to Glendalough yesterday and it was truly amazing, but I was forced to nap in the valley while Sandor made the trek up high. This is a sample of what I missed:

After a rough couple of weeks of moving, stress and not much sleep, my adventure has finally started!

Here are some pics I’ve taken so far

I haven’t been impressed with the local cuisine nor the prices. I had read that Dublin was the 2nd most expensive capital in the EU, but it’s still been quite a shock. Sandor and I dropped 12 euros our first day here at a pub for some “traditional pie” that was bland mashed potatoes and tasteless meat.

It appears to me that there is not much for locals to do outside of gambling and drinking.

I have been amazed at the number of tourists (specifically, non-english speakers). From what I have seen there are more Italian, French and Spanish speakers at our hostel than English. This is almost the case out in the city. I’ve come to expect to hear a foreign language out of the mouths of random passersby.

The weather has been surprisingly good. Outside of an hour of rain earlier today, it’s been mostly cloudy and dry.

As far as sightseeing goes, the Guiness store house, Trinity College and the city’s parks have been the highlights.

Sandor and I did the Guiness store house tour the other day. It was awesome. Tons of multimedia on flat panel monitors….great content. The free Guiness you get at the end of the tour tasted incredible. I’m not sure exactly what was different, but it definately the best pint I’ve ever had.

Trinity College is a beautiful and green campus. Trinity College
Sandor and I got to see some students playing what appeared to be Irish rules football. It’s played with a soccer-like ball and allows players to touch the ball with their hands. To score, players can drop kick the ball into a soccer goal. Compared to anything else I had seen, it reminded me the most of team handball.